The Misinterpretation of the Compliment of Boobs

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Bullet BraSome things we love and are obsessed about but the confidence to accept that we lust after those things we sometimes don’t have and we live in denial, maybe neglect even, not accepting the reality of the appreciation we have for it, maybe the society even taught us how not to accept that we love those things even, but somewhere in the corner of our mind we know we love it, we love boobs right from time immemorial and right now, can boldly accept the reality of the lust for boobs, they always look pretty and attractive, they make every outfit look good even.

Vintage boobs, the bullet bra took over those times which made every boobs perky and obvious, you’ll definitely make boobs contact before an eye contact, judging from photos of this time, can say the women of then love the attraction their boobs cause, they’re confident about it, they were happy and the society could not even shame them because it was everything that made sense then, can imagine the different thoughts in people’s mind when they walk on the street, especially the men of that time and it was that time that the women started taking over and demanding for their right over what to wear and how to look.

From time women have always fought for what they deserve, they know their right and they know they can’t be pushed to one corner or relegated, unlike the men that dwell in their ego and rebel or accept the roll the society has made them play since existence, without changing of roles, the men seem more comfortable because majority of their roles fit their ego and they live with that idea of who they are and what they can do and even wear which made men fashion boring and to add spice to it, you’ll have to put a feminine charm which will make them judge you as being an homosexual which is still a major fight of this generation for people to see that you can be anybody you want to be, for we are free to be us and what we feel. They seem more comfortable with the kind of pants and shirt they wear, to experiment with male fashion you’ll have to be bold differently, that kind of boldness that’ll tell somebody fuck you to their face or they should go rot in hell for all you care, that kind of boldness the bullet bra made women have, and they define that time with the beauty of their boobs.Vintage Breast

But this present time some women are ashamed of their boobs, sometimes when you listen to the tales of girls not liking their boobs or trying to hide it, I’ll say to myself only if you know how somebody out there is dying for those boobs. We all love love, we love to be appreciated because it makes us a better person, it makes us feel good and secured, lots of people will want to compliment boobs out there but the society has taught us not to and can be easily misinterpreted by who you’re complimenting because the society has always pitched the idea that women are complimented or love for sex which often hurt feelings to be limited to the idea of sex or the attractiveness of their body for sexual pleasures, but it’s beyond that, just like every insecurity the society has pitched to people. Some people compliment because of the beauty they see with no strings attached.Vintage Bra

Complementing the opposite sex is often misinterpreted which limits the height of the compliments we pay, oftentimes we tend to tone it down or fully explain the compliment which often water down the beauty of those small words that carry great meanings. The body is pretty, the boobs are and as the world changed, the attractiveness of bra changed too, the idea of the ideal shape of boobs too changed, change is one constant thing in life, hopefully one day we’ll be able to pay compliment about the body without having to explain it or been misinterpreted.