The Moral of Smoking

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Fancy Cigarette

Health scare and irresponsibility attached to smoking has been a major influence on how we see cigarettes and people that smokes. Smoking is a different shade of truth, it brings confidence, satisfaction, used to be a definition of luxury and being smart but these days it’s far from it as touts and very irresponsible people smoke to prove they’re bold and bad. Most smokers enjoy the satisfaction of the brand they smoke.

The public, government and health bodies, ranging from decency, to responsibilities and health issue, have battled smoking. With the new world and the legalization of marijuana new reality is dawning on humans that smoking is not as bad as they’ve thought because it’s turning out to be another medium of healing, mentally and good for the ego too.

Smoking Habit

Cigarette brings you confidence and pride, marijuana helps you tap into another realm of you, more thoughtful, creative and intentional. Smoking though can portray elegance and style, it keeps one company and helps keep focus when brainstorming, can be used to seduce too. The act of smoking has evolved from the era of smoking with long straws in the old times as a sign of luxury and elegance, to smoking through brown or white foamy filter.

Smoking is a choice, you’ll be the one to make that choice and it’s addictive, very addictive, the addiction can’t really be explained by many smokers, it’s usually one day you start to smoke, you blink and you can’t live a day without smoking. Some starts the day smoking to plan their day and get them prepare. Marijuana, though medicine has proved it’s healthy, many society still struggle to believe that because it involve smoking.

The idea of puffing smoke from the mouth is the problem, they see it as appalling and indecent. We perceive things from our own point of view but never judge what you don’t know. The addiction is real, so is the satisfaction.