The Night Before.. Recounting Friday Night Experience

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Friday night It’s was a beautiful night before the birth of Saturday morning, before the waking up lazy and not wanting to get out of the bed, but just listening to the music of ibeyi while I’m half awake and on my phone double tapping and repining, savoring the memories of last night.

Everybody can be depressed but how we go about our fight is what makes us, us, how we survive the depress mood and bouncing back to life, happy like you are meant to be, bright smile and looking gorgeous too, depression makes us look sad and boring, usually can’t help it when the mood swing but creating an escape route is one smart way to happiness.

Friday Night Neon While hanging out with friends could be one of the best decision for Friday night, indoor fun alone is one interesting way to make Friday rock. The benefit is, you get to be your real self, your broken self, knowing your limits and how to break them even, you making your decision without the influence of either the environment, venue or people around but the decision of your thought and vibe at the moment and not having to worry about driving drunk, also having maximum fun all alone in one place.

Your choice and kind of music to listen to and your dance steps good or bad, movies and food, lingerie or nude, expressing and experiencing the comfort and no influence of people around, taking a break from norm.

Jameson Can almost say Friday started since on Thursday, the feel and the vibe of Friday came around at work on Thursday, with that mood the Friday night idea came to life with beautiful new songs to want to listen to, while Jameson is the crave for the night, different mix, though as at Thursday yet to decide if it will be alone lingerie night or to experience the nudist side of life again but when it was Friday night, red wine and sea food kicked off the night in the right way with Miley Cyrus’s Younger Now album as the soundtrack while I scroll through my phone and it’s different apps, no mood for cooking just to microwave only and soon it was catching up on the episode of some of my favorite shows I’ve miss during the week, with my amateur mixologist skills, I mix Jameson and soon, I was alive, the dance moves kept coming, they won’t just stop, the sing along that makes you feel you can actually sing too, Liam Gallagher “As you were” album will keep you on feet, you’ll just want to jump and dance.

How time flies when you are alone and having fun, especially when the alcohol has fully set in, you’ll only wake up to you and see how much fun you had the previous night, usually you wake at awkward position and place within the house, maybe in the kitchen or in the toilet.

Happy Saturday morning.