The Oshun Influence

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Osun goddess Living in a world that’s loud, with different news and rules everyday that make one to want to believe less in one self because of the many doctrines and way of life of the society and what they’ve turn humanity into, the quest for a different truth you’ll want because that’s what humans do when you’ve decide to be true to yourself and to be a better person, a person that have a good heart to better themselves and this place called earth, to use your sense and creativity to change the lifestyle of the society that has led us to the doom we see everyday instead of the freedom that we deserve and you just wonder who will survive if it continue like this, but a different truth always shine that light.

River goddess

It all begins with wanting to know you and your story, the ones they didn’t tell, the truth that they hide from us that we’ll later find out, the truth that will shape our lives and make us a better person and tell us of the freedom they never told us about, the calmness of her words, the serenity of the nature that lead us to the light that we need, to show us the way through the path of greatness, her motivation and the love in her heart, like the love of a mother, she fills you with her vibe and you feel the libration that will turn your life around, gentle and calm.

Oshun Stories

The Osun stories they never really tell, her vibe and groove they didn’t tell too, the power of her influence and the gentle tender groove and the beautiful sound of her voice too, her sense and doctrines that teaches you to be free and to know nature, the power of the natural world that can help you live daily to create a new place, a new you, white she’ll make you love, peace too and the passion to create and to better she’ll muse you to.

Water Sexy

There’s something about water and peace, about white and nature, about the sense of self and the inward looking into the power that we possess, the beautiful good teacher that teaches you how to rule you, to discover you and the great things you can do, the pure plain vibe she possess, cool and calm, welcoming and pretty, the sight of her body is always breathtaking and comforting, showing us the greatness we can have access to, telling of the god that we are, and how we can disconnect from the loudness of the world that’s draining us empty and how we can connect to a source that flows with beautiful energy and vibes.

Sexiness of Water

It’s a plain and pure one, water and calmness, white and the truth embedded in purity and creativity, in humans as a god, reality and the Osun vibes that influence.