The Plus Size Confidence

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Beautiful Plus Size Let’s take a break from the cliché of our society, from the rules and definition of what is and what’s not, from the doctrines and cultures that ridicule size and skin, let’s distract our thoughts from the regular thought and the way of life and the point of view of the everyday life, let’s plunge our thoughts and mind to skin and size and it’s real beauty, lets fantasize about body and melanin.

For every time have its own culture, every race have its own pride, every person have its own sense, every goddess have her own pride and influence, her own confidence and love, her charm and beauty, her skin and curves, her hair and her pose, her folds and her exposure, her accessories and the sexiness of her body.

Ruth Vadergoddess are real, skin is real, her seductive vibe is real, her size and her charm, the tender look in her eyes, the bold look of confidence and sexiness, the pride inside of her, the beauty she house.

What you see in any-body is a reflection of the respect and appreciation of humanity, of a goddess of beautiful size that lures your mind to be different and bold, to be strong and beautiful, full of charm and attractive elements that makes you want to worship her creator and praise the different events that has made her to be who she is, her skin and her size, her hair.

Plus Size Model The beauty of sexiness in every skin is the positive appreciation it breeds in the mind of the beholder, the fantasies and the smile, the imaginations and its feelings, the long stare that shut down the rules and the realities of the way of life of the society, their point of view, and all that matters is the appreciation of the sexiness you see, the glory of her size and her long hair and rich lips, and her goddess pose, her accessories that compliment her vibe and reign.

Welcome to the birth of a new world of women and confidence, to the world where they influence with the discovery of how much they can be and create, of the pride they possess and the true rating of their body, their size and sense, their real ego and the interpretations of their own doctrines and rules, their own pose and vibe of the new age, the modern times that is changing the idea and definition of size and beauty even for the generations that is yet to be born, it’s the birth of a new age, a new reign.

Motolani Olorungbon and Ruth VaderRuth Vader. Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Know her worth, know her joy, her influence and pride, her respect that she’s worth, her dreams and her goals, her strength and visions, her hope and passion to create and not be limited to doctrines and policies of the society she’s from, of the shallow minds that rules, she’s not a slave but a goddess of love and bold confidence, a goddess of possibilities and beautiful dreams, a definition of humanity and art, of style and accessories, of smooth skin that the flash light of the camera girl flashes on to show her inner beauty, her charm that attracts, her hair that flows in its long strides.

Calm and pretty like the visions in her mind, the possibilities of how much she can do, of how much the power inside of her can change, she’s not the definition of the regular minds for she’s not regular, she’s of a special size, pretty curves and innocent that the camera sees in the studio sitting on the floor of the paper that lay beneath her to stand behind her to compliment the art in the eye of the camera girl, the creativity in her mind and the visions of the final image, the completion of her idea, the depiction of the beauty in plus size, in a goddess.