The Power of Your Yoni

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Erotic Photos

Photography by @Transfer.Zekka

The HUGE difference between internal orgasms versus clitoral orgasms for women is that INTERNAL ORGASMS are expansive and require that you let go and break open, clitoral orgasms are all about the build and the peak, a build in tension and pleasure, where you are most likely tensing your body and holding your breath. To experience internal orgasms, you have to completely shift your paradigm around pleasure and intimacy, remove the goal and embrace the journey and exploration.BDSM

It takes FAR more time to experience internal orgasms than clitoral orgasms. It also takes WAY more emotional involvement and vulnerability, so you treat your pussy like gold. Your beliefs and thoughts towards your pussy reveal how you feel about yourself on a deep level, so when you clear shame and foster a loving, honoring attitude towards your pussy, this will show up and radiate into other aspects of yourself as well.Erotic BBW

Touch your pussy with LOVE and she will blossom, your yoni becomes an incredibly intuitive power source when you tune into her subtle messages, her wetness, tightness, pleasure, pain and sensations… the more you pay attention, the easier your yoni’s “messages” are to hear and she can guide your life far beyond the bedroom. Your pussy will show you your purpose, passions, gifts, and desires.Erotic Black and White Photo

Women love to yearn, focus on cultivating so much desire that she can hardly stand to wait any longer for penetration, wait until she is wet and begging and then wait some more, the experience of yearning is pleasurable, your pussy is where your power begins, if you develop yourself in EVERY area but you neglect your pussy and your sexuality, you are operating at a HUGE deficit

At the level of our neural wiring, our confidence and fulfillment as women is deeply connected to our pussy & sexual pleasure.

Photography by @Transfer.Zekka