The Rebirth of Moet Abebe

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Moet Abebe Just like a goddess, she gave us this Easter gift on the last day of the long holiday that we wish will continue, but we miss work though, just that the sound of holiday make the day feel different and we miss the hustle and the thought of what to wear to work, the chat with co-workers and lunch and closing from work, it’s stressless this past days but we miss all those being alert and on the move, but have more time for Instagram and Pinterest some many articles I’ve missed I read most, couldn’t finish reading it all.

Radio goddess

On this Monday it felt like Sunday though because it’s the feel of that last day before work tomorrow, so we have almost like the last groovy night before you be become responsible and corporate again and that evening as I was strolling on Instagram I saw the photo that made me pause, and at a second glance into the picture, I saw a goddess, Moet Abebe. Yes I’ve always been a fan of Moet Abebe but this photo made me more aware how much of a fan I am and the next thing I was anticipating to know was who styled her and it was The Style Train, Adedeji Abidemi and I said to myself they took it to the next level this time around and it’s marvelous I love it and the title confirmed it “Rebirth”

Sound City

And from the photos you’ll remember the Moet Abebe that was introduced to us some many years back, the sound city VJ that took over after the Denerele and Djnee Sound City then, that Moet is the Moet we are about to experience now, in a different sense, with a different vibe, different energy different glamour but in the now, in 2018, the OAP of the year, the radio goddess and the host of Miss Kanekalon, she is the Moet we are about to experience.

Sultry OAP

Most times the mainstream will shape you into what they want you to be, to what they want to see in you which makes many lose touch of who they truly are, but Moet remained that goddess we fell in love with from our screen and every time, she gets better and this rebirth is the perfect thing that’s happening to 2018. In 2017 her first endorsement came through and the many awards and her style was on another level, guess we’re in for a good treat this 2018Moet Abebe SoundCity