The Romantic Life of Tuesday

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Tuesday Romance Woke up on the right side of Tuesday, the sexy feel, waking up to a kiss and breakfast in bed even when it’s not Saturday yet, woke up to romance, to beautiful treat like in the movies, the classic tunes from the speakers actually made it look like it’s actually in the movies, the soft sponge that caress the legs in the lather tub and the look in his eyes and the magic his tongue promise, the body just want all of it and for time to pause and work should not exist just for now, all my sense can tell me is live in this moment and let all worries fade, because it’s Tuesday.

Tuesday’s are made in romance heaven, you just need to tap into it and harness the joy of the day giving your body what it actually deserve, distract yourself from the busyness of Monday and feel life from the realm of sweet touch and dark room with music that lures you to think in illusions and the possibilities of what you feel.

Tuesday Fashion

Even the fashion of Tuesday deserves the romantic vibe, pretty colors close to what Thursday will want you to wear but instead of being chic like Thursday look, the romance influence you infuse into Tuesday, Lacey lingerie, lipstick that attract.

Bring you to life, let the wine bring you to life too, it’s healthy and romantic, let work not drain you, connect with you, be true with you and renew yourself to function differently every time with new innovations, let the sex and the romance open you to the realm of possibilities and let it renew you.

Tuesday Accessories

Be the Tuesday you’ve always dreamed about.