The Scent of Wednesday #mydearbody

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My Dear Body

Wednesday Scent by My Dear Body

One interesting thing about Wednesdays is how we live that day and the world has made it official for us to crush, just as the world allows you to crush on Men on Mondays, you’re allowed to crush on Women on Wednesdays and we love it, but everyday is your right to crush on your body and make it beautiful and interesting to you first because you matter most and smelling good is brilliant because you can be that and even more.

It’s a popular issue in the world, the issue of body, its one topic that affects us all, how we talk about it and how we live in it, our body affect our self-esteem so we take it seriously how we talk about it, like that popular advice “be nice to the next person because you don’t know what they’re struggling with” a little compliment can change a person’s world and can go as far as keeping someone alive because we struggle differently.

My Dear Body

The life of everyday is different, the smell of everyday too, some scents are dedicated to a particular day, like Wednesday by My Dear Body, it’s a scent that’s dedicated to Wednesday, it helps you live in the moment and the consciousness of the day. Live in the moment is one advice that we’re used to because it’s fun, fomo you won’t have to worry about because you’re enjoying every moment wherever you are and that’s the joy of humanity, the thrills of it all.

Today we smell like Wednesday, won’t you want to smell today too? Shop today’s scent, shop My Dear Body Scent of everyday and it’s Wednesday today.