The Seduction of You

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Nude PaintingSeduce me and I promise to fall hopelessly in love with you, with everything you offer, I hate to resist when you seduce, it’s a beautiful seduction you give to me and beside it’s Thursday the day we give our all to ourselves and live in the lust of our heart and the touch of our hands, it’s the day we wish for time to pause because we are all that matters, the look in your eyes, your voice and the way your lips make me feel, your body I just want to be with all night long.

At work, it’s you I fantasize about, it’s you I see on my phone and in my mind all I think is the possible things you’ll do to me tonight, love how you surprise me with everything, with the sex and the romance you offer, though sometimes I wish for the time to pause, but right now I wish it to run fast so I can see you soon and you do to me the new things you have in mind to do to my body to bring it to life and we can both last in the realm of lust and climax.Sexy Painting

The raw beauty in me you make me cherish and even though it’s a tough day you make it all melt away, so I wonder why should I resist your seduction when all it make me feel is more beautiful and satisfied, the words you make me say in my dreams when I wake to find you between my legs and I’m moist inside, mornings you make beautiful, even midnight and right now I miss everything you do to me.

So as I sit here and romanticize about us, plastered on my face is a beautiful smile and the taste of my lipstick taste like your lips.