The Sexy Chapter 34 of Toke Makinwa

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Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa. Photography by Felix Crown

When she’s sexy you can’t help but tell her she is and when the picture is as beautiful as the muse, you’ll have to appreciate the craft of the photographer and when the story of her becoming 34 is inspiring and beautiful and motivating you just have to give Toke Makinwa some accolades because she truly deserved it, today, the first day on her journey of being 34, pretty and sexy she start the first day with and we love her.

“The big Cahuna”
A queen. A conqueror. Like a Phoenix you rise woman; after each fall you RISE. Keep rising fearlessly, burn the earth with your awesome, keep thriving TM, keep pushing, your best days are here.Toke Makinwa

We’ve waited for this day since when she was 33 last year and like every year she’s always got surprises off her sleeves, even as we are waiting for what the surprise will be this year we are still loving the photos which was shot by Felix Crown, like every Felix’s work you’ll love how the photos will take your breath away and Toke, you know will always catch your attention too because she’s not your everyday kind of baby girl for life.

It’s been 34 Years of Thriving, I’m inviting you to view the world through my lens. TM world, live now

Felix Crown

So we wish her happy birthday, long life and prosperity, the most popular line used almost since the beginning of time when it’s someone’s birthday but the message of the wish we still love till this day and we can’t help but wish her even more because she light our timeline every time and she’s inspiring, making her followers to want to do more.Toke Makinwa Birthday Pictures

“Woman thou shall become more….”
I woke up today with nothing but Joy. My journey is one of grace, nothing but grace and mercy. Just a girl with dreams and God said YES. Thankful for another year, here’s hoping this chapter rocks even much more than the last