The Soul

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The Soul

The soul that wins never goes weary but stronger every seconds
The soul that find purpose finds peace
The soul with peace glorify the truth of existence
Let the soul lead you to the truth of humanity,
Of life and joy
Let it lead you to God and love
To light and everything that’s beautiful
Spectrum of lights
Colors of hope and joy
Of pride and pretty esteem
Life and the soul that dwell in us
The soul of joy that’s living
The truth it tells us
Our soul bears our life, the meaning of us
Of existence
Life that exists is the conscience of the world
The soul of the world
The vacuum we fill
Hoping to make it memorable

For humanity and to make history

Truth we seek to bring us freedom
To live on our terms

Our souls want what it wants

Maybe right, thoughts of our heart make the soul demand

The things it want

Hell, maybe Heaven

The choice is always ours to make

Living the life that’ll take us to where we hope is the right place

The soul never dies even in death

Guess we never die, we’ll live forever