The Sound is Afro

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Qlue African Girl

Quin. Photographed by Spectrum. Styled by Mouyor Buttons

The sound is Afro, the beat too and the vibe is rebellious, that’s the best personality that accompany this rhythm in the head, even in real life, if you are not a rebel you can’t appreciate the sound, not to talk of the lyrics, it stand against everything that’s wrong, every oppression in real life, even in the spiritual, in life the best thing you can be is a rebel but you have to be strong because you’ll be beaten countless times, you’ll fail many times and many people will tell you how stupid and foolish you are to think you can win because you’re going against the tides and if you’re not powerful enough, good luck, you’ll definitely need it, but the best thing you can be is a rebel except if you don’t want to make an impact.

To make an impact is to go against the rules that’s already existing, go against everything that matters, build your own wall and make your own rules, you’re seeing what they’re not seeing, from a different perspective you’re seeing the situation and they hate you because they don’t see what you’re seeing, who the fuck are you to come and change what is working, they don’t want to change it because it’s working so there’s no need to better it, which makes you a fool in their eyes, only a fool will want something different from what’s working perfectly well, so they wonder how best can you make it work, the reason why you have to fight hard to prove them wrong, they’ll fight harder to prove you wrong, make you feel like shit and embarrassed, you just have to be resilient enough to stand your ground so you won’t look like the fool.


Rebel Qlue Girls

Quin. Photographed by Spectrum. Styled by Mouyor Buttons

They will win at some point, it’s the system they’re used to, you too will win if you’ve won in your head and in the vision you see, it’s your own dream, not their’s so when you fail, you fail because that’s how you learn before it’ll becomes a template, so fuck their comments and their reproach, it will be that way before you prove them wrong so when they discover the truth they’ll look like the fools you once was, that they want you to look like and they’ll adore you.

One thing though be true to yourself, be true to the dream and everything you want to achieve for these people are like those guys that persecuted Jesus in the old times, who the fuck is this guy is the thought in their head, thinking to themselves who does he think he is to say he’s God, they doubted him because he’s in the flesh just like them, they see him as themselves, like a dooshbag that’s trying to get attention, some people saw through his lens and understand what he’s trying to achieve, so they gave him the support he needed, some though in his camp, they’re informant collaborating with the opposite side to bring him down, so will you experience too, the trend of life when you’re trying to change the pattern of how things happens, everything will work against you until they start to work for you, when they start to, you’ll be a god, ye are little gods, you’ve got the intuition, the understanding of this can work this other way, you’ve invented something, so invent and fail and invent again and again and keep failing forward for that’s how these things work but you have to be your own courage, the vision and the glory ahead have to be the motivation not to give up because giving up is easy, responsibility unmet will make you want to find the easy way out, finding the easy way out is how we end up having inferior goods, but everybody still loves it when it’s authentic, it’s more presentable and more luxurious that way.