The Spirit of Friday

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Qlue Editorial Photos

Susan (MGFN 18 Queen) Photographed by Edesiri Ukiri

Those who don’t believe in spirituality may not believe in supernatural bodies and spirits, but sees it as vibes and energy, what matter most is you can relate with whatever it means to you, Friday, the day of vibes.

You can die any other day of the week but on Friday you’ll resurrect somehow, it’s almost a day you can commit sin with no restriction, all have sin after all. The fun of Friday makes us want to throw all caution to the wind, go wild, feel free like a jail bird, feels good to be free. Some watch time praying it should be 5 o’clock soon while some can’t wait for the sex that night, probably it has been a week since they last saw because of the situation of traffic in this town, some people stay at their work area the whole week and return home by weekend, partners miss themselves which makes the sex more worthy, saving themselves for the weekend but sexting during the week, dirty thoughts in the head makes us wish for close of work.

The weather of this time is sexy, like in America where proposing in the rain is romantic, proposing in the rain here is you making people pray for thunder to strike you both, it’s the most stupid thing to want to try, romance in the rain is not just our thing, weather for two is our phrase for the weather, it’s the season of fuck raining season, when it’s raining we fuck or fantasize about fuck, that’s when the gist of how you fuck your partner pops up, the style you love and how your partner scream, sharing sexual secret. Men in my society love them fat, forget the western and fashion industry influence, plump and full is the crave, big boobs and yanch, pretty lips and sexy eyes, the lust for their body is like the spirit of Friday, it brings you life.

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Susan (MGFN 18 Queen) Photographed by Edesiri Ukiri

On Fridays we drink more, club and party like a rock star, hotels and late night driving, police on the road making more well done sir money, “inner light” cliché, girls of the oldest profession make good money too and everybody is happy forgetting whatever it is that troubled the week, though many will still be attending weddings and parties the next day Saturday, wearing aso ebi looking traditional, the women with beautiful gele looking sexy and joyful, parties in Lagos is always jolly. On Fridays we do western jolly, bars, clubs and on Saturday we do our cultural jolly, the weddings and all sort of celebration and Sunday we party to say goodbye to the weekend.

Qlue Magazine Editorial Photos

Susan (MGFN 18 Queen) Photographed by Edesiri Ukiri

Friday represent the spirit of friendship because we attend almost the same bar, friends became brothers, sisters, lovers from bar, couples double date at bars and in clubs, though some of those hangout gave birth to secret lovers and admirers but the moment, they enjoy together, celebrating Friday.

Sunday is almost like Friday in this town, only that, instead of going to work people go to place of worship but party after worship to say goodbye to the weekend to be in the right mood for Monday, sometimes it’s usually hangover Monday, but memories of the just past weekend keep one alive, sometimes one pray never to drink like that again.