The Theory of Being Faithful to One Partner

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Sexy Black WomanHumans naturally derive pride in owning another human, either as slave or as partner, it’s a natural pride that comes with ego that we tend to boast about not even minding how the other person feels, comfortable with the idea or not, we love to own anyway, and most time when we own we forget after a while what matters and how they should be treated, our person takes over and we think for what we’ve own, assuming what we believe is ok for them and not what is actually ok for them, we force on them the idea of what their life should be, even if it’s hurting them and you wonder what happens to the definition of freedom.

Most time the flesh rules us, we give in to it and we forget what’s right, our pride and ego especially when it’s about sex, jealousy comes in and often times instead of dealing with our feelings or solving the problem from the root, humanity tend to solve every problem from the surface and it reoccurs again and again and we still stick by the rules and policies that we’ve made but not helping us, most times we are not ready to try new laws and new water to see how it can change things, just as many countries are scared to give women chance to rule.

Divorce some doctrines don’t believe in it, it’s for better for worst, till death do us part, even if you’re suffering emotionally or otherwise and it’s not as you thought it will be, you should just stick to it just as the many laws of human that’s not working but we are meant to stick with it, they’ll tell you to stick with the bad marriage, the abuse and the lack of affection, just stick to it, because  you made that decision so bear it, like we’re meant to be perfect after-all, so let you mistake kill you instead of you correcting it.

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The idea of staying with one partner is the trend of the world because it’s the right thing to do, giving your all to that partner because humans are jealous naturally so you should try as much as possible for your partner not to feel jealous, so you earn their trust and make them understand it’s just them forever which is a good one but it’s a theory that humans try to live and it has never work out fine because you’ll always crave for somebody, you’ll always wish and crush on another person that’s not your partner.

So we are taught to bottle up every of our crave and emotions because of who we’ve vow to be with, even if you think or crave for another person don’t do it, starve yourself of that satisfaction because you’ll hurt your partner if they find out and so the frustration builds, the mistake you don’t see before you tend to start seeing because your emotions is choking you and you crave for freedom or maybe a more relax rule because you’ll be tagged a cheater if you give in to your crave and a lot can happen after that and so you live in deprivation till death actually do you guys part or divorce.

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Jealousy though, that’s humans for you, but what will happen if humans are not jealous and you can have what you crave with the understanding of it’s what your partner want, not thinking for them what they should want, how will humanity be if sex is just sex, like the food we eat maybe, and no special pride of owning is attached. Thinking of it as a food, it’s more like telling your partner not to eat when they’re hungry, you’ll be jealous and angry if they eat without you or eat a different kind of food maybe.

Maybe it’s just a way of not solving the issue of humans being jealous which is embedded in us, maybe it’s that pride of owning that’s been bruise when there’s the sex with another person, maybe it’s the ability of we not willing to share the good we own, we only share what won’t cost us, humans generally share what they can afford, guess we can’t afford sharing our sex after-all.