The Thursday Seduction; Chic Vibes

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Chic Woke up this morning and it’s a chic feeling, just what Thursday is about, pink energy and bright thought of what life and fashion is about, the attractive hue and vibe that make people wish for your life. Thursday vibe is always sexy and seductive and you can’t usually help not being the vibe, you can be it, it’s you, it’s the life of this day and it’s beautiful and lovely.

Fashion and charm defines us, our smile gives an idea of where we are in life, even when we fake a smile, there’s always a hint of the pain we hide, life is not a bed of rose though, there’re wins and losses, fails and success, hope and dreams, glamour and luxury time, every time is not always perfect but there’s always a hint of hope in every situation and Thursday is one of those days with that charm that’ll make you forget every pain and lust a little and enjoy the body.

Sexy girlfriend

Thursday seduce you to be pretty and attractive, to be happy and forget a little of the pain and give in to the real feelings of lust and chic glamour, the beautiful smile that tell bright story of what can be. So it’s ok to be seductive today, be attractive differently and be bright, make people wish and scoop those compliments, fall for the seduction of Thursday and be the vibe that’ll attract the pretty good into your lives.