The Vintage Feel and Not a Shit Hole

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It feels like Monday evening, it feels like the land where creatives live, the land that hold big dreams that will influence the world, it just feel like everything out here that we see, everything the camera captures is made beautiful and not a shit-hole like some people think.

After work feel is always relaxed and calm, clear head with beautiful thoughts that inspires new ideas and new joy, the thought not influenced with worries or pressure but of breeze that blows the whispers of good words, of life that makes the photographer and the muse connect.

The texture is vintage, the jeans is ripped, the accessories compliment the look, her body holds her pride, her eyes don’t lie, the evening vibes you’ll crave, the relaxing and calming feel the photo have on you. It’s nature and technology and style and the expression of elegance of the confidence of her skin, her heritage, it’s a blend of both worlds, of now and then.

Photo by Jazzy’s Photography

Model – Kattianna Bazile