The Vintage Life

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Beautiful LifeLife is beautiful and interesting when you read it from the books especially from the magazine page, you’ll love to live that life, easy and fun and pretty, it’s a perfect world and life, when you read the magazines, guess that’s what magazines are made for to shift your attention away from reality to the world of possibilities and illusion where everything is seen from the eye of the mind, the picture and imaginative eye, how beautiful is that world.

Vintage too, the older they say, the more beautiful, one of the evident of old piece is, they enjoy the richness of the material, raw and rich, unlike every recent time that you’ll want to make maximum use of the material, the art of creativity too of the old time is always different from the present time which makes it more fascinating and interesting taking your mind away from the current influence in the world, making you have a feel of the past.

Colorful Fashion Even as you can’t help but want to escape sometimes to where you don’t even know, to take a break from the current troubles and task and worries, the past is usually one place to take a break to because it’s either you want to relive that life or want to live it differently to give you a kind of satisfaction in the present time, to help you correct some imagination and experience the life of that time, well vintage wears just takes you there.Green Lifestyle

The fun and how you wear things in this era is different from that era but wearing those piece of back then in this era, it always come with a beautiful twist that’ll add trends and glamour to the vibe because the present always better the past, you only live the past to face the future and to learn, so even as you crave the vintage life, make it more interesting with vibe and make it more trendy too, so throwback a little to grandma’s wardrobe.