The World will Always Judge You

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We usually feel we have right over another person’s life, like everything the other person does have to be our own idea of what humanity or our own idea and standard of whatever they’re doing ought to be, we want the world to be from our own point of view, everybody to act according to how we define things.

Humans judge everything, anything, they tend to see something wrong in everything people do, they just want it as they picture it in their mind for you to act, even if you do they’ll still not be satisfied, they’ll still criticize because it’s not because you were not living according to their standard, no, it’s because they are acting on their inner issues which they are using to affect your life, the society’s life, that’s why they criticize everything and everyone. They want to tell you how to love and who to love, they want to dictate to you what to wear and how to wear them, they even want to tell you the kind of movies and books to read, even how you think they want to influence.

Freedom is from the mind “Though ye are born into the world, but ye are not of the world” though we live in this place where there are rules and regulations and doctrines and the different ideas of what life is, but we are not of this world, our freedom is not dependent on this world, freedom is from within, from our mind, only when we are free from within is when we are truly free from their judgment, from their rules and regulations and their ideas of what humanity is about, only us can define us, the world can’t and even if they do, they will still judge us for it because they only sold the life they thought is right to you, it’s not your own idea of what life is and that’s why you’ll always struggle to live their definition of life.

First it’s about you knowing what’s right, it’s about you knowing how to better humanity and to create your own mark on this planet earth, creating and following your own rules with the dedication to better humanity and live free without fear of what they’ll say. The pain usually is, it pained us that even as we try to live their definition of what life and humanity is they criticize us still, they don’t commend how hard we try, so if they don’t commend us for trying to live their own version of life, if they judge and condemn us for trying to be like them why can’t we just be us then, why can’t we just act our own rules since judging and criticisms is part of their DNA.

It will definitely pain us less if we are ourselves and they judge because we’ll be able to defend us to ourselves or whoever, but it often pain us when we try to live their rules and their idea of life and they still judge, how will you defend that? They make the rules, you don’t know the real deal that’s why they’ll always tell you, you’re not doing enough. It’s easy to take responsibility for your actions, you accept the blame and you work on the truth to better yourself because you’ll always know the truth except you decide to lie to yourself but living with their definition, you’ll always blame it on them which will make you wait for them before you live, you’ll have to read through their rule book before you decide or act.

They’ll always judge and you’ll always be their subject but through freedom from within you’ll be true to yourself and use their judgment to better yourself. Making your rules is the real freedom.