The Wrong Statement that Made This Generation “You’re Addressed the Way You’re Dress

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Fashion Really? This present time and policies only try to cage us and your creativity and existence with the sense of decency, of what’s right and what’s wrong, of what’s acceptable and what’s not, they create a stationed meaning and they made it stick caging the perception of the word in turn making it the people’s reality the reality that the regular mind hide under to hurt you and bully you and your creativity making you to want to dress a certain way because it’s the acceptable way, their own way and how they think and perceive things.

Really my believe is clothes are made out of the creativity of the heart and how the designer perceive the body and how it can be worn, the cut and the sewing of fabrics to beautify the body, defining your body with a different meaning, boosting your ego and personality, and pride, bringing the thought of your heart to reality, how you perceive your body, the appreciation, the satisfaction of the idea of yourself and the crave of how you want your body to look.

Ankara and Denim

So they tell us we need to dress in a certain way before they can listen to us or respect us, where’s the love I ask most times, where’s the respect for humanity I ask too, why do I have to dress like you or your idea of what I’m supposed to dress like before you can respect or listen to me, so why are we humans, what’s human right? The main reason why people abuse people and hide under the fact or cliché of it’s because she was dressed like that, so is that suppose to be a reason why her ego is supposed to be bruised, the raped and the body shaming, the bullying and the deprivation of opportunity, taking away our freedom, dictators they are.

We can’t stop we won’t stop, our creativity we won’t stop and our ideas of how clothes should be worn we won’t succumb to their idea, their shallow thought and how they dictate and define humanity, caging the creativity of the mind because of the different doctrines they believe in, their idea of clothes and fashion and humanity.

Sexy TrendsDressing up is having fun, dressing up is creating art, moving art, our body is the canvas we decorate, so we deserve to be respected like an artist, and my sense of dressing is not an invitation, my no means no, and just because I dress that way doesn’t mean I can’t do business like how I’m supposed to, I’m just following my heart.

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