The XORLALI and FATIMA Outfit by Wana Sambo

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Wana Sambo

The XORLALI Dress by Wana Sambo

FATIMA and XORLALI dresses are your perfect weekday to weekend looks, made by WanaSambo and a Wana Sambo woman is Strong, Sexy and Exotic. She is you, she is everything you dare to be.

The XORLALI Dress 

Etymology; The Saviour exists.
Origin: Ghanaian decent

Wana Sambo


XORLALI’s Numerical number is 1. People who have this number are associated with Creativity , Unity, Beginnings, God, etc, is a symbol of physical and mental activity. It’s a number that expresses leadership. She is a spotlight type of individual who has a tendency to be organized and ambitious. She is one who rises to the top in everything she does and is a natural leader.


Etymology: “the shining one”
Origin: Arabic.

Wana Sambo

The FATIMA Pair by Wana Sambo

FATIMA has two meanings:
1: One leads to the perfection of the person holding this name. Perfection in the beauty of the soul and mind, and the physical appearance, this perfection also refers to the good attitude, manner and personality of that person.
2: Its second meaning is ” away from hell” or in other words ” away from fire”. meaning that this person who is holding this name is totally pure and chaste.Wana Sambo