They will Rock this 7th Avenue by Cateline Esther Pieces Well

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It’s funny how we can be traditional sometimes, it can be strange especially if you’re known for a particular trait, like Bird Man getting married to Toni Braxton one of the oddest news of this year and he’s so traditional and respectful, open doors like a gentleman, it’s interesting too. In this society we are about some funny way of life, we follow trends and once something becomes a trend, everybody move in that direction forgetting how trendy the old ones once was. In fashion, ideas are recycled, trends reign again, with different vibe and more bold, like they’ve learnt from the previous time and now they’re perfecting it again, so old trends become new trend again, but some still see and know the beauty of it.

As interesting as the name 7th Avenue by Cateline Esther is, her cuts and choice of materials and sense of style, she’ll bring the other side of you out with her designs, gentle and calm, her floral and ruffles and fold signature, they add style to your everyday corporate and decent look and they can be styled in an urban way too, your creativity can come to play then, like her Tshirt with ruffles at the top, it was for all.

7th Avenue by Cateline EstherSo going through her collections definitely you’ll see interesting pieces, you’ll love them too and for some it will be like love at first sight, even when Ono Bello wore her Uwa Skirt, it was beautiful on her, paired with a sheer top, the elegance of the clothes you’ll see and fall in love with.

But like always we know people that can wear it well.

Rita DominicRita Dominic

Toke MakinwaToke Makinwa

Beverly Naya Beverly Naya

Stephanie Coker Stephanie Coker


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