They Will Wear it Well; Rekana

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Rekana Rekana is the new gift to the fashion world that we are grateful for because it’s everything that speak the kind of style we think and look for in the modern day everyday woman, the styles and cuts and the choice of colors and vibe is just as we’ll want to see on the street, changing the vibe of the street, it’s not basic, we hate basic because it’s boring and why should we do boring, life is meant to be beautiful, Rekana we love.Sharon Ojong

Sharon Ojong gave us this gift and we are grateful for it and we can’t wait to start shopping them already, If we’re to make just one wish right now it will be to see women on the street wearing different piece from this collection because we just want to see every woman look stylish already and that’s why we are just obsessed with good fashion.

Stylish NigeriansThough for some people, these is collection is made for them because that’s what they do, they’re born to slay in anything and they are the ones that register on our mind when we saw this collection. I saw a piece for The Lady Vhodka, Madame Modish and yes for Lara Cole.



Lara Cole

Lara Cole

Sharon Ojong

Madame Modish

Madam Modish Rekana

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