Thinking About Life

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Sometimes we get lost and finding ourselves can be easy but hard because of how willing we are willing to search for us, sometimes we are just too lazy to not want to quit and stop being distracted, we pick our own distraction and like finding what you love and let it kill you, our habits kills us and often we die, maybe to raise again or to die forever, nothing really dies forever, somehow they experience life at one point of death, maybe little life and new hope get to surface, the good thing about dying is, you either learn to die and stay dying or you learn the lesson of living forever when you’re once dead, that’s life and every time we learn from the choice we make, but people die every day still, people learn too.

In a world of many rules and doctrines, tested and imagined they came up with their rules and how to live and function as human, sometimes that’s all we need to be, normal and functioning as human, it works for some and for some it created more boredom, the rules don’t work for them, even if they try to want to go by the rules, we all hate boredom so we create our own rules of how to live and have fun, we create our own fun, that’s why we love Fridays because we let loose on that day.Beach Body

The new week is here and the motivation of last week is different from that of this week because every situation needs a different us, it’s a different us this week needs, the year is daily moving to the end and soon it will be 31st the day we’ll all be celebrating the end of 2018 and celebrating the hopes of 2019, life in motion, never stop, never settle.

We are the motivation we need, the life we want we define by the things that matters to us, the life we want to live, so we just channel our life and hope in that direction, we live the life we can best afford and hope for the ones in our head, the big dreams, our dreams are different too, while some dream in colors, some dream in the language that defines the moment, everything is got its own meaning and reasons, but with the right spark, life can be as we want it, life can be as we’ve dreamt.

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