Thinking Valentine’s Day Already

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Albert Watson

Valentine’s Day, for how much people claim to hate it, isn’t going anywhere. And it tends to make some couples feel nervous about doing it right. For one, stop that! Of course you are. Secondly, if you’re drawing blanks on plans that feel both special but also very *you*, fear not!

Cook a fancy dinner together if you want to avoid all the packed restaurants, write up the menu of your dreams and get cracking! Food somehow always tastes a little bit better when you spent hours making it.

Sexy Breast

A visit to a strip club, just to spice things up. If there’s ever a time to see a romantically-lit, highly-sexy spectacle, is Valentine’s Day not it??

Go to a (good) comedy show
Comedy shows, let’s face it–can be pretty hit-or-miss, so it might be good to do a little research before booking or trying to see a comedian you know you both love. And hey, if it still ends up being bad, you can laugh it off in a different way.

Do an impossibly-cute movie night in
Set up string lights, make a blanket fort, and get cuddly, baby.

Drink and do crafts
BYOB to a painting or ceramics class and make some art to (hopefully) hang in your apartment.

Get some much-needed massages
Not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all.

Go on a double date
Who says you can’t make it a group hang if you already do cute date nights all the time anyway?

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