Niniola’s Influence “This is Me”

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Niniola - Maradona

She introduced herself with the African vibe of her voice every time, you’ll never forget her voice after the first time you’ve heard her sing, strong hold she’ll have on you, the tone resonate and you can’t help but get hooked.

At a point in life, you’ll find yourself, you’ll probably be lost and confused, looking for the way and it feels like you’re tired and about to die and give up already, but like they say winners don’t quit on themselves, the fighting spirit inside of you just keep fighting, the survival instinct, you just keep pushing and praying, night and day you search for yourself, at that point if you don’t give up, you’ll find you, at that point you’ll present yourself to world, introducing yourself saying this is you, “This is Me” the one that is about to take over with wholeness and glory.

Like a goddess she appears on her album cover, the African goddess in her full glory and influence, adorn with treasures of her mind and the strength of her voice, the real her she introduced.

Cultures always have a strong hold on us, basically it Influence our lives if not the whole of it but the part that made us, it’s usually the path we pass or later discover, which we can’t hide its existence. The Yoruba meaning of “Moyo” I rejoice, though some can translate it as I’m happy, when you find yourself and ready to deliver to the world you’ll definitely rejoice because of the much good you want to dish out, at that point you flow with Oyin, the honey that heals and add sweetness to every of your creativity and sounds and the tones of her voice, the groove too.

Niniola - This Is Me designed by Edesiri Birds of same sense will tag along, like beautiful minds think alike and they create beautiful content, recreating classics in modern times, recreating trends which motivates you to recreate again and express you with another Influenced inspiration “Dola”

This album, “This is Me” album art of Niniola designed by GraphixED is a reflection of the trueness that is taking over the world, the appreciation of culture and talent and the power to create songs that we all can relate to, especially her voice that takes us back to the culture that has influence generations, Niniola in this album came with that vibe, that vibe of a queen, confidence and real, like a goddess, like a trend with the sound and voice that people listen to during celebration, you’ll love and enjoy it every time.