This Morning

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Qlue Girl

Woke up this morning with a grateful heart of worship, ready to praise and worship the Lord, my soul is in need of the Holy Ghost right now to take me to the potters’ house where I can be remold, I’m out of shape and worn out, lost focus and gone astray. Faint voices of joy, worship, happiness and testimonies of grateful life, the life I want to have is what I hear them live.

The load is heavy on my own, the meaning of that sentence I do not know until recently. If you want to survive this life, you’ll need a helping hand, someone to help carry this load that’s heavy like the sins of the world, I’ve grown weak, tired and drained trying, like prodigal son I’ve lived but I’m coming back to my senses, finding my way home where I know I’ll be welcome, the only place to receive joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Life is meant to have meaning, we are not created to live for the sake of living, to experience life bored doing nothing, we are created for a purpose, the reason he gave us talents to beautify everything he has created, caring his vision and goal inside us. He gave us the world with everything in it, but we can only access it if we carry that vision in our heart.

Qlue Legends

Lady Day

You can’t run if he wants you, you can only explore, somehow you will find your way back to where you’re created to be, he created the world and everything, he’s the Lord of Lords, King of Kings; he’ll watch you take shape and lead you through the right path that will lead you to the place of your dreams, where he want you to be. He’s God of luxury, of wealth, he has everything because he created everything, life in abundance, joy and fulfillment in excess, all he requires from us is to be true to carry his vision and goal in our heart as he wanted and the world is ours to have.

It seems easy without him, our strength shows us we can do it alone with no help if we are ready and willing, yes we can, our strength can carry us but to a different place because we’ll be blinded to spirituality in the physical, the weight of the load blinds us to make us lose track of the path we are meant to take, of who we are created to be in this life that he’s making us live.