This Week Fashion Girls

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Fashion GirlsEverything in life is meant to be beautiful, especially how we live and how our wardrobe look, because the eyes is meant to spot beautiful things too, beautiful and stylish people like the fashion girls that rule the best dressed ladies list on a daily, they make our eyes see beautiful and our thumb tap on pretty image, we love how they make us stalk their insta-page, even how they make us save their photos to constantly inspire us whenever we scroll through the photos on our phone, we just love to collect their photos.


Qlue Fashion Girls

Sharon Ojong

Fashion and style connect us on a different frequency and that’s what this multi-billion industry is about, to connect with the human that we are, to tap into that beauty we hold as human, accentuating our body with fabrics and designs, colors and vibes, fashion pitch lifestyle and how unlimited we truly are as humans living on earth, it connect us to beautiful reality, but only when you discover fashion, you discover the lifestyle that’s attached to it.

Qlue Fashion Girls



They found fashion, we connect with them at that frequency, the style dial that we stay glued to and every day they make new, living in the outfit, living in the moment as they inspire fans and clients and friends, making the world a better place with their sense of style and how they make you wish, fulfilled kind of life they pitch, happy and sexy, sassy too, they just go with the flow of the outfit, the flow of the day.

Qlue Fashion Girls

Lara Cole


In this time that we now live in, the fashion girls are the muse of humans, they make you want to get better with self-love because it all start with you loving your body, who you are and knowing that you are beautiful no matter what they say and their words should not bring you down, you are beautiful the way you are. 

Qlue Fashion Girls

Madame Modish


Let’s find love within us, lust in our wardrobe, dream in designs and textiles, see beauty in every body and be ready every time to break the rules because it’s fun, rules are boring and limiting, we are made for fun and we are unlimited, the limited version made for this generation to last through history of time, we can do all things, we can wear all things, all you need is, have the vibe of a fashion girl.