This Week Fashion Girls

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Fashion Girl Every-day we dress, every day we wear clothes but for fashion girls, they don’t just wear clothes, they wear what they love and how they love to wear it, they are glamorous every-time and their camera is obsessed with them just as they are obsessed with the camera too, they don’t just look gorgeous, they are gorgeous themselves and we love how they look every time.

Well not everybody can be on this list of our weekly fashion girls, only those that are exceptional and alternative and not boring with their style make it to the list every week because they make us double tap on their photos and they make us remember everything they wore during the week and this week the people on this list made our fashion diary and we love them, from our favorite fashion girls that are always on the list and the new comers and the ones our eye of style just notice but have been good with fashion for a long time, we love everybody on this list.

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