This Weekend Like Elanred Weekend #redsummer

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Summer VibesLet’s think about the weekend in Elanred’s way, it’s Red Summer, let’s paint the town red, let’s paint the town with the wave of our style, feel the atmosphere of summer and just turn red, fun, sexy and sassy and stylish, with the vibe of a fashion girl, how do you like to paint the town? We love to paint it red like Elanred

Let’s make it a body and beach this weekend, with surf board, the thrills of the waves you’ll enjoy, loud roar, the pose for the camera like and the fulfillment of being a stylish girl that’s enjoying every of her time, living in the moment in the crave of the want of her heart and the knowledge of who she can be, of how much fun she can have, she’s the girl many people will want to be like because she’s got groove in her, the life of the party, the kind of influence Elanred is having us already, to be fun this weekend and everyday of our lives.

All we think of right now is Red, we dream in red, we love it because it’s beautiful just like our lipstick, red lipstick will never leave you boring, it’s interesting whenever you wear red, yes they’ll define it as bold and very attractive, yes it is, just like this summer, red. The pop up sales, the fashion celebs that’ll be in attendance, the music and another reason to dress like the season, for the season.

Red Summer

So like Angel Obasi the style connoisseur cover, how do you pick clothes? We all pick what we wear differently, some will pick for comfort while some will pick because that’s what’s trending, some will pick clothes because it’s expensive, our ego make us do most of the things we do, even how we pick what to wear, but the weekend is here and it’s just three Saturdays before Red Summer and we just want to make the countdown interesting, more fun because right now the red fashion girl vibe is on us and we love how it makes us feel and this weekend we just want to be like Angel, we just want to hit the beach, to flaunt our sexy, be proud of our size, to laugh more and pose for the camera, we just want to have sex on the beach, the drink crave this weekend.


So how will you be painting the town red before Red Summer, check out our todo list for this weekend

• Surfing like Angel

• Sex on the beach

• Laugh more

• Flaunt sexy

• Playing dress up

• In the company of the fun friends

• Dress for self

Elanred Red Summer