Thought of a Material Girl

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Material Girl I’m a material girl and I live in a material world, the world of fashion and glamour where trends rule and beautiful things that add value to life and make the time here on earth interesting and shiny, making good friends with diamonds because diamonds are girl’s best friend, the glitz and the glam, the compliment and the look on different faces making their stare worth the while, the pretty smile and the gorgeous walk like the girl from the cover page, fashion Influenced with creative ideas to make the world a better place.

As a material girl, my thoughts is to change the world and make it beautiful like the pages of the magazine, interesting and fun making you to want to really live forever and suicide will be the last thing on your mind. The world is beautiful to live in they often say but not to many, to some the world is a place you endure till when you die and go to the afterlife, too blinded to see the fun side or maybe the idea of you’ll need to be rich to be a material girl or to have fun and be happy but happiness is really not in the material things, if you’re not happy without the material things you can’t be happy even when you have them, material things only add to being happy, we are the source of our happiness and we are responsible for the smile we put on our face and the face of others.

Fashion Girl

Happiness maybe the common word we hear everyday, fashion and it’s lifestyle the regular things we watch on TV and read on magazines and on different website but they mean more to us and they affect our lives and the things we do in our everyday living better than we think, they often times point us the direction of happiness, the path of fun and interesting things that’ll keep our brain busy with beautiful ideas that’ll help us make the world a better place, just like the quest of a material girl to make the world a better place, bringing the different pages of magazine to life.

So which magazine will you like to live in, which lifestyle will you like to live, wellness or real fashion, couture or ready to wear, Vogue or Harper Bazaar, GQ or the illustration of the different editorial photos whichever one you love, you can, you can live in any world you choose to, you can find the true happiness in you, you house it in you all you need to do is tap into it and you’ll glow like girl’s best friend, the diamond.