Thought of Friday the Motivation of Monday

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Friday Vibe

Some people look pretty when they cry, some function well under-pressure and some look ugly when they cry but you’ll fall hopelessly in love with them when they smile. Some make their work environment comfortable and good, you’ll love them work. The idea of the life we live on Mondays have a different toll on us, many hate Mondays because it’s one day you’re expected to be smart and sharp, full of strength.

Who says Monday after work have to be serious too, all work but no play makes jack a dull boy, dull is bad, like my city will say oshaprapra. Monday evenings is another time to come alive preparing yourself to face Tuesday with the spirit of troy soldiers, ready for the next phase strong and happy.

Friday Girls

That welcome kiss from a lover can change the feeling of the day, a glass of wine and a joint can prepare you for Tuesday relaxed in the arm of a lover. Sessions of lovemaking can help you relax too, refresh your thought and put you in a more prepared mood for Tuesday. Monday can be the gun while Tuesday is the rose, the stress and unforeseen life of Monday will prepare you for the life of Tuesday, just as some don’t function proper under stress, little lustful distraction or lively hang-out after-work on Monday can do great to how we’ll live Tuesday.

Don’t live boring even if it’s Monday, especially if it’s Friday. We die a little on Monday to help us resurrect like a goddess the next day. On Friday we ascend to the heaven of fun and lust, let the joy of Friday be the motivation of Monday, let the thought of it drive happiness and positive energy into you to want to survive the week with the right spirit and on Friday, you do it like its 99.