Thought of God

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Celestial Art

Fear is the evidence of our doubt, it’s beyond reasoning when it’s great, not what our brain can process, he’s awesome beyond what words can describe. What you can’t see but taught to perceive is the doubt that rules us, we fear betrayer and been lied to. Believing in the invisible in its supernatural form with no evidence to prove his existence, only second hand reports which sound too real to be true judging from the reality we’ve known, it doesn’t make sense, but a prove that the truth is hidden in us.

The ability to believe in his greatness is the ability to believe in one’s self of how great we are and how much wonders we can do. He wants us to have the ability to do as much as he can do, to make existence creative and fun. Much attention he paid to the details he installed in us to make us function like him. He created heaven and earth and the earth is his fullness, he’s that great.

Worthy worthy is the creator of heaven that fascinate us, he made the brain so delicate to function wonderfully. Blessed is he that make us function according to our thought, glorious is his name that made us how we want, he’s the God of everything. He created time to record the activities of our existence, he knows the next move but gives us the liberty to make the next move, he’s the Almighty.

Miracles of God

Because we can’t comprehend his works and ability we doubt his existence. We want to be sure of our decision so we are that careful about whom to believe, not wanting to believe in the wrong person so we search for truth only to discover more lies, false report of how much people have lied about him to humans. He puts himself and his greatness in us to function with great ability.

His works make us marvel and wonder how great is this God, the beginning and the end, the one that created possibility and greatness, he made day and night come every day at different time around the world. He rule over the rulers of the world, he’s the God that can never been dethrone. His power we can’t explain, he’s everything, he is one thing, he is whatever we think he is. Your greatness I will worship because it’s beyond us, beyond what inside the box thinking can reveal to us.