Thought of Vanity on Monday

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Qlue Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

At dawn of Monday we wake with a grateful heart, beautiful smile and new hope, new day, new glory of existence, of being human, unstoppable us as we experience this new day with new promises, new crave, even the lust of our heart is new, life we lust after, they whisper words to motivate us to have more than one reason to stay here, his glory so bright only the righteous can experience it, un-dethrone.

Forever we will love the vanity of the greatness he created, the firmament and the water that flows on their own accord with the current that roar, thought of mermaid, how beautiful they look, the new crave of the world. Boredom is the new sin so we promise never to grow old, we just want to stay young forever, we pause time and live in time paused as we reign forever because we are kings and queens.

Qlue Magazine Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Everything the unseen created is the mystery of life we experience every-day, the things we can’t explain but they happen, the meaning of life, the meaning us, the reason why we are here, thrilling to experience being human, the choice we didn’t make, the crave of our parent, sex in their heart with erotic joy of recreation, babies they made, the world the populate, us they made, life we experience, incomparable, praise we adore his presence with, the reason why we sing intoxicated.

Everyday is a new day to live again, to be the one, the only one with the touch that is special, addictive, the smile of joy you can’t hide, new light. Monday, new hope to worship the life of lust, the mystery we are addicted to, inside of her is moist and pretty, waxed, sometimes unwaxed, the life to crave forever, Eros.