Thrills of Happiness

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Happiness Quote

A lot of people are looking for love but we have been programmed to think that love requires us to suffer because often the first people that were put in our life to love us may have hurt us and in turn we equate love to suffering. We assume it has to be this process where we are fighting, it is toxic and it is a place of living in insecurity. Many of us don’t realize the unstable emotions that we live with are based from a place of “having not been loved properly before” or who we needed to be for us and being able to freely develop into that.

Many of us when we are born leave a safe haven of the womb for a place where we have to take so much caution. The things that were healthily provided to us often through being in uteru become a lot different. The process of love I feel that is healthy is allowing someone to fall in love with already the beauty you have found within yourself and often many of us don’t even know the truest forms of that because we have become conditioned to be the people that our parents and society has molded out traits into.

One day I sat and had to say to myself: I’ve been fighting from within my mother’s womb. Somehow I’ve been fighting not to hang myself in the process of my own birth. It may sound dramatic but my entrance into this world was dramatic from the moment I was fighting with the umbilical cord around my neck to allow myself to be nourished for the creation that I am. My friends, real love won’t make you feel insecure within yourself and have to suffer to obtain it. “There is no way to happiness-happiness is the way.” The love for you will make you happy and you will be happy upon meeting them because you’ll feel free to be yourself and not controlled by them or your ego to be with it.

– The Trap Witch