Thrills of Hell

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They told us about heaven, hell they often talk to us about, how we need to live so we won’t experience the agony and pain of hell but the world is sweet and interesting we’ll always say, though it’s tough to live, only the tough ones are living, different kind of crazy everywhere, some country more poor than others, different level of crime, use of guns to kill, wars and hate, all exist here but we prefer it here than there where we’re not sure of yet.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, our sins has not kill us yet so we wallow in joy of how we sin and live life, to us the life we live is not sinful. They told us about the things we’ll do that’ll lead us to hell, the place we don’t want to go. Heaven many prefer because of how beautiful and comfortable they’ve preached and paint it to us. Hell, we are scared of and don’t want to go but the life we live leads to hell.

Because of bad leadership, it’s been shade of hell of living on earth, government taking advantage of their power. The weather too makes us fear hell, especially during the heat season when the sun is high and the heat is much, in some region you’ll almost prefer to walk naked because the clothe you’re wearin will be irritating to your skin, all these make people often say they don’t want to experience hell.

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Bad decisions are interesting and fun, though sometimes it kills but the thrill is always fun, it’s you finding what you love, enjoying and letting it kill you the things we’re addicted to, our lifestyle, the things we love to have. Many people are more than qualify to be in hell so it became the other choice just in case that’s the only place our qualification can admit us into. The fun and crazy things you do on earth will qualify you to be a candidate of hell, the sin you commit against God knowingly or not, disobeying his commandment, so easy to go to hell just have fun and sin.

The lifestyle in my country is steal small and you’ll be humiliated but steal big and you’ll be celebrated, the advice is if hell looks like where eternity will be why don’t you sin better to earn yourself a better place in hell, why sin small and suffer big in hell where better sinners than you will be, stupid politicians, assassins, thieves, rapist, witches and people with hateful heart, people that fuck for the wrong reasons, don’t fuck until you’re married the command we disobey the most because body no be wood, the body think and want otherwise, body and heart play by their own rules; like trying to rewind time, that’s how it is sometimes when you’re trying not to sin, the body is willing every time, whispering better ways to sin and how to hide it away from God.