Thrills of Love Lyrics

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The idea of love is very interesting, love stories and the thrills of love too, so interesting that many artists sing about it on a daily, every song you here usually is about love and lust and sex too and we’re really never tired of listening to these guys because they use tones and sounds that will catch our attention and make us listen to them, it’s all about the vibes and how it makes us feel, love in music is always interesting and danceable.

Let’s talk about something interesting, love and the thrills of it and how we feel listening to the tales of love, the kind of tales that guide us when we’re in similar situation or want to enjoy the kind of thrills in the lyrics of the song. The vibe of the artist, mixed with the skill of the producer and the melody of the sound, we love to listen especially when it’s our favorite artist, they really don’t do wrong, you love everything they sing about, just like our favorite artist of the moment Wizkid, the joy of the world, our boy next door, a million girls will die for his love, to be around him and see him perform even and everything he’s singing about we sing along to every-time, dance to, some even dance to the point they experience wardrobe malfunction and they seem not to care even because of the song and the lyrics is making us feel the joy of the moment, the meaning of life.

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The culture of us fans and critics always advice to be infused in their lyrics and their videos and fashion too because music is lifting us way better than we thought it would, the investment and suffering of the first guys is paying off because for our industry here, many can say this industry they watch grow and at this present stage it’s blowing our mind away how much it has grown and how fast the industry is breaking more boundaries, 2Baba and the guys of that era we’ll always give thanks to because they survived, through everything they held on to their dream, a typical example of if you’re good enough the mainstream will come to you, they prove right the idea of holding on to what you believe, they believed in themselves and was determined and now we can obviously see the results and the level of their success, just hold on a little longer, the lesson of their success.

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For some fans the lyrics don’t really matter but the tune and the personality of the artist, for some the lyrics first, the vibe and how they connect with the song, in this place, our culture is dance because that’s one way we use to fade out and distract ourselves from the reality of the society and the hardship of the country we live in, so we love how they infuse their creativity to fit the hunger of our spirit, the yanch and the sexiness they display in videos thrill us, the party scenes too, though we want more because we’re humans and we are fans, we can almost predict their next level of greatness and the good ones surprise us every time.

We love beautiful music and we’re grateful to the person that discover music, a big thank you for making life less easy to deal with.

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