Thrills of the Season

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Work Fashion Back to work, back to life that we know, holiday is over for some though not all, but just before the last holiday of the year comes around, we get to work a little but still in the mood of the holidays, that relaxed lazy slaying look, you can’t deny the fashion mood of this season, you can’t help not looking beautiful and sexy even in your pjs, it’s the season and it’s fashion, we just love it.

TV is also a good habit of this season, staying indoors and watching some of the best movies that was released this year, maybe some classics even, black and white movies, can bet you’ll enjoy the thrills, their fashion and the edit of the movie, the story and their movements in the movie, we love classics every time, we just love how they make us feel, how they get our attention.

Fashion Friends

The joy on people’s face during this time you can’t help but notice, even as depression is rocking the economy right now, their faces bring hope alive, letting it all go, laying all the worries aside to have fun this season, to enjoy the groove of the season, the parties and the food, the love and the exchange and gifting of food amongst friends, family and neighbors. One beautiful tradition of this season is the act showing love, sharing of food especially, one thing the society has impacted in our existence that foster beautiful existence.

Let’s show more love this season and eat it all but healthy and not gaining extra weight that’ll make you spend longer time working out, let’s make love and new friends, party hard but safe, don’t drink and drive, be wild and fun and don’t forget to be red, just like the season.