Thursday Fantasy

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Fantasy Fantasies are always beautiful and you really wish for them to be real because of how much they are appearing real in your head and how interesting they are and really you just want to experience them in real life and not just in your head because, just as it’s in your head, you’re enjoying it and thinking of it to be in real life, it will be surreal.

Seriously imaginations are beautiful and when it’s about sex your body light up and you get to appreciate every touch, with a lover or maybe a one night stand even, sex is beautiful and the night is made for sex if you ask me, everything can happen in the night, anything and that’s the sweetest part, the lonely house by the shore of the beach, minimal decorated white house, glazed walls, with the breeze from the beach finding its way into the house and the white cottons in the air enjoying the breeze.

His hands all over me, his lips too, my clothes long gone and gently he peel my tong away and to his face is my sex, my boobs love how his hands hold them, candles and oil always have a kind of feel they add to sexy mood, oiling my body in front of the scented candles like we are about to perform some ritual, the ritual that will take us to climax, the place we love to be at this time of the night, enjoying the breeze as he dive slowly inside me and the sound of pleasure I make as I adjust into the rhythm his vibe is giving.Beautiful Body

Wine and hookah, herbs and sweet music, the mood can never be wrong, forever we want to stay making sweet love to the music of the 90s, slow and steady, skin on skin taking our time, creating perfect memories with every second, and when we got to climax we exploded and it was like we were by the beach side in space, beautiful spectrum of colors, sexy smiles and erotic kisses and the notification sound from my phone brought me back to reality.

The reality of its Thursday and at work but it was a beautiful fantasy I must say, I love my fantasies, they’ll make good movie.

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