Thursday for Pleasure

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Lady in RedWoke up feeling like it’s Friday but it’s Thursday, woke up with the groove and happy vibe of joyful wild but it’s Thursday, not yet Friday, this Thursday is a mix of Friday, the last Friday before 2018, guess that explains the feelings, the energy that one woke up with, the vibe to want to try the Friday new things, but Thursdays are for great times too, live in the moment they say and in Thursday moment it’s to the other live, the feeling of body, skin and pleasure, romance and the thought that gives beautiful shiver and a lustful smile.

What this Thursday holds, it’s the cold breeze of lazy, of bed and in need of warm and kisses, sweet words that make you blush and pink, releasing the butterflies to fly in their own accord to paint beautiful thoughts and crave, fantasy maybe, what better time to bring it to life but now, channelling the desire of the heart to make a beautiful day, a Thursday to remember later in 2018

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No restrictions, no rules, anything can happen, whatever the heart want, the touch and the heat, the climax and the lips, the stain of lipstick and the eyes, the body and the feel of the skin, the stroking and the thought of what could happen, the passion and the pleasure, the folds and ruffles of the sheet, the feel of the ruffles as the leg spreads and body move around in the rhythm that it dictates.

These remaining days are meant to bring desires and pleasure to life, reflecting and meditating on the future, of after now, the concentration on a goal and how it can come alive. One beautiful thing about pleasure is, you always want it, even when you’re having it, you don’t want it to stop, that’s usually the motivation, to work for it, to keep it and make it better, bringing the visions and thoughts of realization to existence, pleasure just makes you want more, a good more, it drives.

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This Thursday is a pleasure day, for fun and for lust, fantasies and sexual attractions, for warm and climax, letting your eyes say it all.