To Ewa From HIM; HBD

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Birthday Girl - Ewa Bakare

I wish you the world and everything in it today

A wish and many is all I can afford today,

I wish I could bring all I wish you to life,

but it’s just a wish.

Since it’s just a wish, I guess I’ll have to wish for the biggest thing

Because you’re valued and appreciated

Not by me alone but the world is grateful you’re here

No one can have your kind of vibe,

You’re out of this world, dope and chick.

Ewaoluwa Bakare

You made lot of people’s day the day you’re born,

Many congratulatory messages that day, many prayers too,

Can guess some of those prayers brought you this far

and close to God

Beautiful heart and pretty addictive lips, everything about you is addictive.

It’s another version of that day today,

Many smiles you’ll ignite today,

Many heart you’ll cause to pray for you today,

Lot’s of people will make a wish for you today, it’s your wish day.

As it’s your birthday today,

You’re meant to be fun of course,

To be the birthday girl that’ll make us all wish for this day as our birthday.

To the birthday girl, I wish you the moon.

Happy Birthday Ewaoluwatomi

From HIM xoxo