To the Girl I Used to Love; Let’s be more

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Susan (MGFN 18 Queen, Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Simple line, I used to love her, not that I stopped loving her but the statement is right, I used to love her, everything changed during the night, the idea of the world sipped in and it took over the truth we used to express, the crave of our heart and the pleasure we used to seek in the dark of the morning and the bright of the night under the light we love that showed us the future, this future we did not see though, guess we were carried away by the communication of our body.

We said we love us but that’s not true anymore, the heart want something new, a different experience we can’t give us, we were not wrong the first time when we said we should stay like this till the end of time, guess this is the end of time we’ve been waiting for, memories of how we used to love us still fresh with a flash of joy and the happiness we share when you used to be the lover that I love, time changed, seconds and minutes moved around, change is a constant, that’s how the earth operate, new things comes up and they start being cool, life as we know it, we live it still.

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So goodbye my lover, memories of us is saved in a box buried in time, in my mind that will forever transmit the times we shared together, your wisdom will be missed, your charm, the pleasure you give, the hope of a bright new day, I pray this day as we say our goodbyes with the last time sex, we’re always welcome, this heart will never deny you of your space.

So I pray your next lover treat you better, cook for you better and dress you up even when you don’t know what to wear, sext you during working hours and tell you how much of a super human you are, the beauty you possess, the lust of your heart and how lucky the world is to have you living here, someone that will make you smile more even if it’s naughty, though we couldn’t love forever but it was fun while we loved, it was vanity in paradise, we did everything but guess we want more, let’s go get more because that’s the only way we live here, let’s be more.