To Whom It May Concern

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Depression It can be overwhelming being human, knowing how much you can do, either to be better or to make this place a better place or even knowing how much you can create within you and even in the physical and not being able to do those things can be a major source of depression, laziness maybe sometimes but most time the zeal and the courage to pause every other thing and get to it without giving any excuse can make all the pain go away, but what if the resources to create those things your heart really want to create is not available, you feel like a fool and unfulfilled, because it feels like you’re wasting all that knowing, all that knowledge and all that vibe, but you check the meaning of impatient and you discover everything is in phase in this world, everything happens one after the other and you can’t skip any phase and then you think to yourself let’s have fun while we wait for this phase to be over and you ask yourself how much fun can we have, trust the voice inside to always tell you, let’s go to the extreme, we go hard or we go home, home might be where the mind is but right now let’s play outside because the weather out there is made for us, made for the much that we can do right now, the vibe in our heart and the grace and power that we posses right, we possess the grace and the truth for every stage and every phase that we are in, and right now in this phase all you just have to think and do is the much that you can do with the resources that’s within you right now, the ones that’s available to you that you can use to create what you can create, maximalist, maximize everything within your reach, use it all without wasting any moment, any resources, so you ask how can I manage everything I have and not waste.Tattoos

Love and true feelings, truth and no lies, love true love and honesty, to yourself, to the world and everything that you do, be the vibe, be the life of the party and live in the moment, the moment that you can affect positively, and be your guide, be the person you need right now, be the vibe that you need, the truth that you want the world to tell you, be that grace and follow that passion, follow the intuition that has guide you to reach this place that you are right now and be positive as much as you can be, dark days will come and just like the night, the morning will come too and everything will be crystal clear, life will have meaning again and the smile will be wide and bright again, life and the weakness will have meaning again.

But first it’s you that’s here, only you, you’re one of a kind that’s created to make the day, to make the year and eternity, to affect everything and all that’s required is for you to be yourself and you’ll get a gold medal because you are a superstar but you just have to put in the work and do the work of a super star before you can get the medal, the medal is beautiful and attractive and fine and will look pretty on you because jewelries look pretty on all of us, makes us look very attractive and celebrated, though being celebrated can be overwhelming too but we all love to be celebrated, it’s fun and sweet when the applause is loud, build on that, build on the things that will make the shine, the spotlight and get that loud applause because that’s what you get when you put in the time, when you’re fulfilled