Toke Makinwa’s Motivation

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Toke Makinwa As a celebrity many don’t know how they try and how much they fail and how much they struggle through life, the glamour and the beautiful stories and the horrible ones that circulate in the media sometimes blind many fans to see their struggles and how well they strive to get to where they are right now and how well they’re trying to get to a new place, where they’ve always dreamt about.

TM Tote Bag

The story of Toke Makinwa is always a beautiful inspiration that inspire us every time, her success and her failures and her trials, her life have been a source of beautiful inspiration, her story that she shared on her IG page yesterday inspired us again.

On becoming

Started out on Radio, then Tv, I wasn’t satisfied with being a media personality I thought of doing more and God answered. I prayed a long time ago for God to grant me the oil of ease, to have multiple streams of income, to have influence and build something extra ordinary and he kept giving me capacity. A book down I thought of more and my team n I strategically started building. Did we fail? Oh so many times, we still do but the key is to keep rising thru failure. Thru adversity, thru challenges just keep moving forward. Sometimes you’ll have to crawl cos you can’t stand, sometimes you’ll have to risk it all and only hope that somehow you’ll land on your feet. I woke up this morning filled with gratitude for my journey. The TMmini bags fly off the shelf so much it’s beginning to scare me and we haven’t even started. Watch out for more. Here’s a little kiss for everyone who has purchased our bags, thank you for your patronage. I truly am grateful and I apologize ahead for delayed delivery or response on our path, we are working to serve you better.