Top 5 Most Expensive

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Life is beautiful and to make it more beautiful you need to treat yourself in a special way, adorn yourself with the beautiful things of life, look pretty, dress pretty, live pretty and get the expensive things if you can afford it.

Here is a quick run down of the Top 5 Most Expensive things you should have.

1. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish: $250,000, world’s most expensive bottle of polish, made of black diamonds

2. Most expensive of Christian Louboutin’s 2013 collection was Sexy Strass for $3,095.

3. The 55-piece Diamond LBD , Designer – Debbie Wingham, Price: $3.5 million

4. Harry Winston’s Ruby Shoes – $3
million, made of 1,350 carats of rubies, meaning 4600 pieces & 50 carats of diamonds

5. Vacheron Constantine watches -$1.5 million. 18 carat gold and blue reflexive glass is used in its formation


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