Trap Witch Love for Shango #Kawo

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Traditional Worshipers

Trap Witch

Shango! Baba! The first day i ever stood before orisha in 2016, you were the one i felt

As i stood in front of his sopera, my chest was hot and burning. Shango has come to defend me and teach me so much about myself since embarking this path. He has come with Obatala. He has come with Babaluyaye. He has simply come and stepped forward time and time again to be a father who truly understands what’s been best for me thus far. He has spoken to me more than my mother Oshun, since i have begun and to that, until we find out soon, you are my father in my eyes for how you have lead me. Kawo! The king of my heart! i love you baba! Maferefun Shango. Happy

Shango Love

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