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GQKylie Jenner is a mogul. People love to hyperbolically praise Kardashians in the name of highbrow counter-intuitiveness. This isn’t that. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Kylie’s cosmetics line did nearly half a billion in sales in its first 18 months. Think about that. There’s no way to make definitive comparative statements about the relative wealth of the Kardashian clan (at least not without stealing Kris’s ledger), but it means there’s a chance Kylie—the littlest sister—is now richer than her bigs, richer than her momager™, and richer than her brother-in-law, who made My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and who’s sold almost as many Yeezy sneakers as McDonald’s has cheeseburgers. Kylie Cosmetics has turned out to be one of the most unequivocally lucrative ways to translate the power of the Kardashian-Jenner family. And it was all her idea. “The reason I got into makeup is it’s all about making yourself feel better,” she tells me in a house in Calabasas (not her own) that she’s asked me not to describe in greater detail for security reasons. She walks me through plans to open up brick-and-mortar stores for Kylie Cosmetics worldwide: “I really want to create an experience.” The way she describes it is very coy but extremely fleshed out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke ground months ago and was just waiting for the perfect time to announce their opening.Travis Scott

Travis has a much smaller team with him. Just his manager—who works from a laptop the entire shoot—and a bag of what smells like some of California’s loudest weed. Between shots, he just kind of paces around, with his head down and his lanky limbs covered in expensive clothes. A wall or photo light would stop him and send him in a different direction. He looks like one of those Microsoft screen savers from the ’90s, careening off the edges of the monitor. “He was whispering to me the whole time,” Kylie tells me afterward, smirking. “He just doesn’t like taking the photos.” Travis hates anything that slows him down. (He even hates restaurants; the man despises wasting time in restaurants.) And he admits that he’s “impatient as a motherfucker” during photo shoots, despite really liking the end result. But it isn’t simply young angst that makes hurry-up-and-wait painful for Travis. It’s “la flame”—the internal fire, the rage, “the piss,” as he calls it, aggression in its funnest form. It’s why Travis, a decade into a notoriously energetic career, has made his case for having the best live show in hip-hop history.Kylie Jenner

There’s an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in which Scott Disick hires a spiritual medium to help purge him of the “Kardashian Curse.” This is the belief that all the men who go through the Kardashian orbit end up flaming out. In the 2016 episode, Kim gets “offended” by the notion of it when mentioned. Kourtney’s reaction is so perplexed by this new concept it’s as if Lord Disick were trying to explain Bitcoin to his 8-year-old. The episode concludes with Scott, on the advice of his new spiritual medium, purchasing a rooster to set free in a ritual, hopefully resulting in him breaking the curse. He’s advised to wear all white and to transfer his energy to the rooster. He makes sure no one else touches it. “It can only have my energy,” he warns.GQ

Are you worried at all about falling victim to the Kardashian Curse?
I don’t even be looking at motherfuckers. I don’t be looking at shit. Kylie actually likes me for me.

Were you nervous at all about that?
Man, hell nah. Nervous for what? I’m on my own island. So hey, come over there to Astroworld. I’m not into all the other shit. I don’t get involved. I’m over here. Kylie is different.

You seem to be impervious to a lot of things. When was the last time you cried?

When my daughter was born. As soon as I heard her crying…

Were you in the room the entire time?

[He snaps to.] Hell yeah! It was crazy. I was there through the hell…the epidural and shit. Crazy.

I later ask Kylie about my theory on the curse. It isn’t a surprise to her.

People say you and your sisters destroy the men in your lives. But my theory is, maybe it’s just extremely difficult to fly this close to the sun. You were built for this level of celebrity—Travis and the other men weren’t.

That’s exactly what it is. They come and can’t handle it.

How do you make sure that Travis doesn’t burn out?

Well, for all the news stories, it’s how I get over them so fast. Trav, for example, he’s like, ‘Wait…but how do you just get over this?’ He gets more angry about things. It’s not just him. It’s Jordyn [Kylie’s best friend] who I’ve seen affected. It’s everyone around us that aren’t used to it. And we’re just like, “Oh, that’ll go away in a day.” I know these stories aren’t going to matter, so don’t even let them affect you, you know? I think you’re correct. But it’s not just men—it’s friends, it’s people who come and just don’t know how to handle it. It’s the negative. There’s a lot of people who love us, but there’s also a huge handful of people who don’t like us.Kylie Cosmetics


Just because we’re a family now. When we fight, it’s usually just because we’ve been away from each other for too long and we didn’t see each other for like two weeks. And we have Stormi now, and I can’t travel with her. She’s too young. So it’s harder to see each other, but I was like, I just need to go and fix this and go back.

Travis told me that he’s a romantic. When I asked him what’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done for you, he played it cool. What would you say?

So! When I landed in Houston to make up, he—I always kept saying I really want a Stormi chain, so when I landed, he had one made for me. But probably the most romantic thing he’s done for me is, on my birthday, he woke me up out of bed at like six in the morning. He was like, “We gotta go,” and I’m just like half asleep, like, “What do you mean? What do you mean?” And he just starts pulling me, and the sun was just coming up, and he had flowers all the way down his house and violin players everywhere.