Trendy Tuesday

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Denim Fashion It’s ok to dress sexy, it’s ok to dress attractive if you ask me, that’s the way of life, like the popular saying life is too short to wear boring clothes, life is too short to be bored so be alive every time, don’t be on a low key, be pumped up and be creative especially with what you wear, wear the colors and the expressive you with the skin, the curves, make their stare worth it every time, make the world a very interesting place that’ll make the haters have a change of mind and the terrorist and people that shoot people down have a really change of mind and make them understand that bombing for peace is the dumbest thing humans can think off, or killing people for peace, that’s really dump and as humans we are not meant not to be dumb, we are meant to be smart.Sexy

So we have sex for pleasure, not to keep the virginity because virginity are meant to be broken at one point just as the seal of a pack is meant to be broken for you to enjoy the content, so it’s all about enjoyment, that’s what life is for, to enjoy this place called earth, to enjoy life and nature, our body and the pleasure of the body, the love and the lust, the sex and the friendship of one another, the beautiful conversation that will breed good sense in us and not hate and brain washing people, leading them astray all in the name of some selfish doctrines.

Make UpsFind your truth, find yourself, don’t let the society find you, find the person you are meant to be and not what the society want you to be, people and the society can be really manipulative for their selfish gains, but only you can be you, only you can tell yourself the real truth, only you can dress you sexy, only you can present yourself attractive, so let’s be attractive and fun, let’s break the rules that keep us down, let’s come alive and better humanity, let’s be sexy and make history to be told to the generations yet unborn, be sexy, be alive for its Tuesday.