Trendy Tuesday

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Tuesday Fashion It’s Tuesday and the mood is still sexy and stylish and neglecting a little, the vibe of hectic blend of a new week but letting the fashion of our sense take us away from the reality of the city hectic life, the car horns and the holdup that can drive one crazy especially when you need to get to that date or that appointment that means a lot, but the most annoying part is going late for a fitting, you’ll just feel like you’re missing out on the world, your FOMO just set in.

But this day Tuesday, it’s a different feel we want to experience, we just want to be alive and neglect the reality and enjoy the illusions of our mind in the real world accessing it with our sense of style, chic and street, like a real fashion girl.

Jumpsuit TrendJust as diamonds are girl’s best friend you can never go wrong with jumpsuits, let’s give in a little to that early in the week depression but looking beautiful, the weather you can’t really predict these days especially if you’re like the typical people in these town that really don’t care about the weather channel or app, in these town you dress by your intuition and how best you can guess what the weather will look like but thank God for ACs they just regulate the temperature right.Patched Jean Jack

So let’s do jumpsuit to access that chic side of us and the heels that seals it every time and let’s take it to the edge too with the patched jean jacket to add color and vibe and street to our person that even if we’re chic, we’re street too and where can you get the real style, on the street, on fashion girls, so bring your charm to play.