Tribute to Tosyn Bucknor

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Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Hmmmmm…My heart is heavy…but in all things we give thanks to God. My darling sister and besto Tosyn passed away last night due to complications from sickle cell. 
Love you. – Olufunke Bucknor

Sometimes everything makes sense and sometimes, it’s a complete opposite of what we hope life will be, life can take interesting and heartbreaking turn at anytime, it’s the expression of its own freedom and we just have to deal with it anyway it present itself, it’s one thing we can’t change, but how we deal with it, we can change.

This one hit so close to home ❤️ I met you in 1999, we started our radio careers at the same time and I had to leave for a while but you forged ahead and became this huge superstar. I would listen to you on my way to work in the bank and think of how fun radio is and I got the courage to come back. I was blessed to work with you on 3livechicks and boyyyyy have we had some good times T, thank you for the fun memories. Thank you for all of it. We would break in to songs filming, you loved soda so much I’ll yell at you for drinking it. We butt heads a lot too but it was all love. I celebrate you today Tosyn, you lived, you loved and you fought hard ❤️ We love you but God needs you home, resting, cracking him up and telling him about all of us. This is hard, my prayers are with your darling husband, your big sis and your mother – Toke Makinwa

Sometimes we wake-up to good news but when we wake-up to bad news, it affect everything about us, we get down and depressed, searching for hope and encouragement, something to help us pull through, though some just deal with it by living in denial, expert advice we deal with every situation so they don’t build up and affect us negatively in the future.

The industry lost talent today!! Rest In Peace Tosyn!! 💔💔💔 and May God guide, protect and give your family the fortitude during these trying times – Moet Abebe

Today friends and family mourn; questions we try not to ask even though we still question her sudden departure, life just define itself differently today, sad and dark, the tears you can’t hide, the smile on her face one can still see in our head, her voice and everything she lived for but we can’t question God.

♥ Area Mama ♥
The way you smiled and laughed, made others laugh and if you had a way right now would tell us a joke so we can laugh and not mourn. Thank you for shining your light and radiating love. 
Thank you for your originality, unique strength, courage and sharing your wisdom.
Thank you for your beautiful voice and the music, CON.tra.diction.
Thank you for so many many beautiful, purpose-driven and happy memories Tosyn. I have only happy memories of you and that’s what I would celebrate today, and always superwoman.
Love, light and prayers to your husband and family. May God be with them. We will miss you. – Sharon Ojong

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